Mission Statement

“To reward the NWA Education system by helping individuals extend their education to higher learning”

About the Scholarship

The creation of this scholarship is a result of the respect for NWA primary learning institutions.  That institution, as a whole, gave the benefactor the tools, both educational and environmental, to succeed in life and put him in a position to give back.  The Foundation’s goal is to reward students that do more than just attend school.

Spend Your Money Your Way!

224 S. 2nd Street
Rogers, AR 72756


Phone: 479-621-0006

Email: info@reutzelfoundation.org

The Reutzel Foundation Excellence Scholarship Award of NWA was such a great help to me for paying for college. Scholarships are a blessing for a college student, they take a lot of stress off you that is already there. And what makes this scholarship even better is that is if awarded two years in a row. So thank you to the Reutzel Foundation for helping me out

I want to thank the Reutzel Foundation for the generous gift being the NWA Excellence Scholarship. The Excellence Scholarship has helped me through my first year of college in the hectic, uncertain, and scary academic year of 2020-2021. Through the help and support of the Reutzel Foundation, I have powered through and accomplished many academic and personal goals. Words cannot express how grateful I am for the financial assistance, love, and support that has been provided to me and my family. I am honored to be a Reutzel Foundation scholarship recipient and carry the title with me proudly!